The tall one had on a black on black suit. I recognized him from Dispatch. But the shorter one with the bow tie was eyeballing me in a way I didn't cotton to. He said he wanted me to do something for them. "Meet the old man down by the pier. He'll have a bottle corked up. Don't open it. Bring it back and get your reward." The tall one nodded. Shouldn't have taken all four of them but they'd be watching their backs from now on. "Do you think they'll stick to the bargain when we bring the bottle back for him". Eli asked the robot, chamb erpots held in hand. The robot glared at Eli. "Do you really want to stop me now, or have me drop this poop all over the place?" Eli stepped aside sheepishly as the robot carted the feces outside. It wasn't the first time Eli had run afoul of a robot but it certainly was the most recent time. Eli kicked a stray turd out of the way and followed the robot outside. The weather had taken a dreadful turn since the last nuclear war, and Eli gazed sadly upon his meadow, now charred and destroyed. he kept feeling an itch in his pants. He hadn't wiped properly the last time he had a stray turd and it was irritating him. This is why you always bring your own, Eli! His excuse was attending burning man and kneeling in front of Pan. Apparently Pan's lazy son, Peter, was also there, wearing cloak and dagger. Satan and his minions watched with gleeful expressions as the father-son face-off continued. Pan began to see demonic faces all around him. His son Peter had made a deal with Satan and his minions in exchange for the Lost Boys, who stood cowering in the corner. Suddenly, the sound of clapping hands surrounded them. It was TOO MUCH & the demons ran screaming. Tinkerbelle laughed in delight!



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