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They should have sent the woman from Yale.

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I would also have sent the woman from Yale, but only because “Yale” takes up fewer characters than “Harvard” does and would have given me slightly more creative leeway in the 180-characters-per-fold universe we write in here. As it turns out, Dr. Ernestine’s Harvard affiliation was long forgotten before I got to write that final fold, so it’s all moot!

Whatever, this story is an enjoyable romp!

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Strange how few UT, MIT, USC, or Lancaster Preparatory School for the Olfactory Challenged, stories we have.

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My daughter’s alma mater is the University of Pennsylvania, another Ivy. No stories about that either (yes, I checked). Too many characters (in the school name, that is)!

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Don’t be so sure of that. The search function on here rarely works.

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