You're the one who wanted the new hybrid technology; so we got a chicken-powered refrigerator! This story is so intense i need to relieve by having a colosal dump. in a bin of recalled Furbys. They looked at him with those soulless, lifeless, hamsterowl eyes. Why couldn't he have been tossed in the Beanie Babies bin? The furnace was nearer to all the unsold Freddy Kreuger gloves. In the shadows loomed Chia Pets. A cross was made with discarded My Pet Rocks. What was HE doing here? He was supposed be an awesome Companion on a cold winter night and cook owl stew for me, but he never did that. 3-1/2 years later, he made beaver stew and served it on the best China possible, which was chipped & not really China after all, but he made it work & I loved him for it. Being stranded on this asteroid with him was a godsend. This is the man I am going to die with in 7 minutes. The time has come. Where is no point denying it. I do not believe in reincarnation, the moment I die after seven minutes, I will be gone. We had to make love on that asteroid NOW. "For only seven minutes?" she complained, "That's not love-making, that's just a quickie. Forget it!" And so the asteroid exploded and the would-be lovers expired without love. Asteroid bits and exploded parts of the lovers floated in space. Without minds to guide them, the lovers’ private parts mated and copulated in space for way more than 7 minutes.



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Love will find a way.

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LOL! Hilarious ending.

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