Today is the past of tomorrow. Lets make it a good past for the future. Vote for Plastic for a Shiny Malleable Nation. Vote with your BeastChip when you're thinking about nothing. Being the rebel he was, little Atom Molecule decided to vote for the charismatic frog that rode a unicycle. His motto was a sweet and succinct "REEE." Forget Plastic's vote, the fr og's ribbet seemed to be saying. "As an amphibian I know that what works in the water might not work on the land. Let me be your bridge to a better swamp. Plastic doesn't care abou t you and your offspring. Plastic wants to wring our necks... and harvest my legs". A lot of the animals in the swamp agreed with Frog's ribbet. They would vote for Frog & not Pla stic.Plastic was a menace & was choking the swamps tributaries.The denizens all knew someone who'd swallowed one of Plastics indigestible emanations. "Down with Plastic. Frog for P eace!" The placards might have been more effective with a better slogan, but most of the denizens who had been affected by the presence of plastic were amphibians. They all thought that plastic was for eating, ever since that kid had fed them plastic flies to eat and they had developed a taste for them. Many had croaked, but the ones that remained had poor hurting lungs. It was inhumane, but that kid was stubborn. He even once ate the plastic himself, and slipped some in his friend's boring old food, influencing a terrible incident. He didn't like to think about it anymore. The last time he'd spoken to his friend Amanda, she'd been delirious on pain-killers, bandaged like a tiny mummy on the stark white bed. Imagine his surprise when the doorbell rang that night & he answered thinking it was his pizza delivery. There stood Amanda, a bloody knife in one hand, his dead cat in the other.



1 PurpleProf's photo

I didn’t get this one at all, but what the heck…points for everybody!!

2 SlimWhitman's photo

Ummm… Was the cat plastic? I get it, trick-or-treat, right?

3 LordVacuity's photo

What is plastic may never die, ergo, the cat was not plastic.

4 LordVacuity's photo

Not to say that it lacked plasticity.

5 LordVacuity's photo

Rigor mortis, however, means minimum plasticity was found.

6 LordVacuity's photo

But it is possible that the cat died of eating something plastic. For instance, a frog, a voter, or a poll taker who was snooping in big peoples business.

7 Woab's photo

...or a plastic fly, which could easily have become lodged in it’s unfortunate kitty throat. I blame Amanda, and/or that kid.

8 Woab's photo

So much for the land of the “REEE”. (Loved that, LunaSta.)

9 LunaSta's photo

I’m so late but thank you very much Woab! :> I wanted to add some memey flair to the piece huehuehue I am very glad it came out pretty spicy >:D. And the plastic flies was a very bold touch to the folds, the story got deep from there ahahaha

10 LordVacuity's photo

I think Amanda ended up on the wrong end of an ultimatum. It was her or the cat and the cat won. She just had to take out the bothersome part of the ultimatum. That is her giving it another try at the end.

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