They are the Officials Of the Forever Department. They regularly record the rantings from the Ether Dole that are broadcast every 371/2 aeons from Eternity Central, carried by the eldest members of now-defunct civilizations across the universe, lovingly wrapped in Elder God hide and set in faux dark matter gilding. Such trinkets impressed the local primitives. Vorlethorsixs did his usual spiel & was soon living high on the Earthlings generosity when the Galactic Plot Consistency Checker began issuing a Red Alert. "Warning! Warning! This Fold is set to self-destruct in T-minus 5 minutes." In a panic, Vorlethorsixs fled from "The Fold" and Went to another corner of the library. T-minus 4 minutes, the fold was going to self destruct. No one dared finish the story. Four years later, it finally was brought back to lif e, briefly. Then in June of 2017 Homeland Security grabbed it off the screen the moment it was revived & it was whisked to a deep state dark black double dared dutch ditch & debrie melted all over decrackers and we popped the champagne (actually, the blast had popped it all ready) and toasted the toasting of the land and boiling of the sea. We were the demons and demonettes cutting a rug on the raised dais. It reminded me of a hallucinogenic "Soul Train". I shook my head to clear it...uh oh...I thought, I think Orange Sunshine, Windowpa ne, and Flaming Mantle (my street poetry gang members) might have put more than milk in my coffee. They were always experimenting with new perspectives on their art: salvia, DMT, mescaline, hell's bells - did I have to pick just one? My fellow street poetry gang members and I tried them all and claimed they helped the creative process. It was (mostly) true.



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