"Num ninho de mafagafos,tem sete mafagafinhos...Quando a mafagafa guinfa,guinfam os sete mafagafinhos." Tem razão, tem. I did have a right, to root for the Brazilian football team, but then Germany stepped in. Four years from now, things will be different, I guarantee it...(Mwhah,hahahahah) Pele's ghost stepped in and dropped a nuke (With Trump's Approval) on America. This was effectively vapourizing all of the cough drops and cough syrup that America made monopoly of, so the entire world was suffering from severe bronchitis, especially Korea. When Corona hit in 2020 no one in America was prepared for the amount of cough drops and cough syrup needed for the population. After the second wave had ravaged through the land, all that was left was angry rich people who couldn't find anyone to work for them. So they split all the money between themselves and thought it was great, until they needed grocer ies delivered and their opulent lawns trimmed. Oh yeah, farming. The people with all the money started to sound pitiful trying to bribe other people into becoming vassal farmers Overnight the 3rd stimulus bill mysteriously had a line added that added that cashing ANY stimulus check was an indication that you were agreeing to be a vassal farmer if called up by Medieval Lord, Donny-cuss Duncey-kiss Trumpy-ass. The entire population wanted normalcy, & was fatigued by their leader’s lunacy, & amenable to just about anything. Just about…



1 BlastedHeath's photo

Kind of reminds me of Bradbury’s Martians running bed-and-breakfast houses.

2 LordVacuity's photo

I don’t know. Sounds like there is no kinda involved there Buddy. Unless you’re contorting the meaning of kinda.

3 LordVacuity's photo

There was a brave folder called BlastedHeath
Who not once ever reminded me of Brian Keith.
He didn’t have a Mr. French.
He didn’t have a comely wench.
Then he kept giving The Beholder grief.

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