If you fold this story, can I fold yours? Absolutely not! How dare you make such an absurd suggestion. What on Earth makes you think you are worthy of my folds? My folds are the finest folds known to mankind and just so yo mama don't get no mo stupid jokes, I'm gonna change the subject of this FoldingStory right here, right now! Fine! Fine. You do that. I just did. They sat in stony silence until... YOU POOKIED! I did not. YOU DID! I didn't, I swear! Well then, WHO DID? (More stony silence.) I smell myself. Of course I did. That traitorous sphincter, weakening. I wasn't going to own up. It was time to go and as I passed, a mist followed passing, sulphorously shrouding us . I underestimated their resolve. They were willing to face the fumes I was putting out. They could not let us escape. Through the sulphurous shroud I heard the doors being barred. I excused myself to use the bathroom, but alas! I found the windows too small for escape. Thus, my captors found me stuck in the frame, hanging inside from the waist down. They gave me a wedgie and left me hanging there, wedged in the bathroom window. One of them ran around to the outside and slapped my face. Another took footage of my knickers That's a weird word when you think of it, knickers.. kind of makes me think of Snickers, I wish I had some Snickers while hanging here by my knickers, i thought. The bullies then stole my money and bought a Snickers to tease me.Clearly,I had said my thoughts out loud.It happened exactly like in the ads, as soon as they took a bite, they became samurais.Oops



1 SlimWhitman's photo

Interesting, there are adverts where biting into Snickers makes you a samurai?

2 ta-dah's photo

Yup! Apparently when samurais become hungry they turn into Mr. Bean. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qIVDxL2lgN4

3 KieferSkunk's photo

It’s kinda like the Mentos commercials where the rich guy steals your girlfriend but then he shows off his tube of Mentos and everything is just fine.  Something like that.

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