"What kind of fruit is this", the tourist cautiously poked the peculiar looking spiky pod like fruit. "Durian my friend, you try, you like! Only 30 Baht". He handed over the money, and then wept. "I was an ugly like this Durian once. Covered in bumps. Smelly. I prayed and prayed and finally an Angel said she would make me handsome. But she wasn't an angel She was an angle who had escaped from Flatland. So her idea of making me handsome was to make me look round. That way, she said, my top & bottom would slowly fade away giving me a semi-symmetrical appearance that I didn't much care for, myself. I told her that I preferred the angular look and she gave me the stink-eye, in a very roundabout way. So I told her, "My dear, though I can appreciate a difference of opinion, your rather obvious and near pathological attempt at covert optical stink-omonious is not lost on me." She frowned. She had no idea what I'd just said. The only thing that got through to her dry cotton-swabbed brain was the word "stink". "I don't 'stink'!" she maintained. "I don't stink!" All other vocabulary had been lost to her. While her brain tried desperately to rediscover its lexicon, she at least knew that her syntax was still intact. "Boy the girl loves the and I know...", she paused, perplexed, and tried again. "Smelling roses I up came... Ack!!" Oh, no. She lost the ability to form coherent se ntences! "Wait, no. I just misspoke," she said, "a 'verbal typo' if you will, nothing to derail everything over!" Everyone was relieved. "Anyway, the boy loves the girl and I know I love you too, so...I DO...now and forever...'til death, etc." "You may now kiss the bride!" the priest declared, relieved. They kissed, everyone cheered & the celebration began!



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