This was my fourth time trying to make the jump. I knew I could do it this time, I got a running start and jumped into the air. The first thing that crossed my mind when I realized I wouldn't make Mexico City was how like the circles of hell Amsterdam looked from this elevation. I wondered which circle I would land in when I eventually fell to earth. Perhaps it would've been better in any of those post-apocalyptic metropoli but I landed in the Cyburbia of Des Moines, a sprawl of tract housing infested by conformity seeking demons & a succubus handing out free doughnuts as you leave the airport. It was the perfect location my the trip. Then I froze, did I pack the thing I needed? I opened my backpack and our acting process. Acting is the process of throwing whatever I heard within the last 20 minutes against the wall. I was Marlan Brando...'s driver and I taught class at The University of Lowered Expectations Skidmore branch in the Temple Duties Department under Professor Loomis and Dr. Panglossi. The Topology of Trust. Voltaire sat there chewing on the Chinese rice and vegetables. The snap peas were just crisp enough. He told Chef Olaf the food was excellent tonight. Dr. Panglossi was optimistic that his new Norwegian/Asian restaurant 'Norwasia' was going to be a hit. "The Lutefisk Fu Yung literally flew out the door," one food critic said, "because people were throwing it at the maître d, Sigurd Mostrom—could there be anything more nauseating than the melding of stink-like-ass Lutefisk and stink-like-vomit Egg Foo Yung at one hundred bucks a plate?” It was a rhetorical question &we both knew the answer. But my Mee-Maw taught me when I was 5 that I had to clean my plate,on account of the starving kids in India, so I ate it all.



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Obviously, he/she did not make the jump.  Will there be a fifth attempt?

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Not after that meal!

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