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Reminds me of Shackleton’s observation that they would often see a shadow of a Futique as they walked away from the sun but when they checked there was still just them three.

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Funny you should say that because after my son-in-law died my daughter said she kept seeing his shadow in the corner of the room.

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Thank you everyone. This has been the hardest couple of years of my life and all the laughter I get from reading your folds makes me smile. BTW PP you are hero.

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We’re all in this together. Nothing is more healing than friendship and laughter. Love to you, Rebbie, and hope things get better for you and your daughter soon. This world can be pretty tough, I know. XXOO

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Thank you. I know they will in time.

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BTW, Rebbie…are you a “he” or a “she”? I referred to you as a “he” in my fold.

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I am a she but, it’s all good to gender bend me. It makes me laugh all the harder.

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Glad to be of service. It really does help to come here and laugh at the funny little worlds we create together. I so look forward to seeing everyone.

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That shadow is his absence.

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