The domino hit the spoon, sending the pea to bounce off the kettle drum, which awoke the gerbil, who spun the wheel, which turned on the fan, woke the dog, which wagged its tail, which knocked over a stack of magazines, which toppled a vase of flowers, which splashed water all over my paperwork, my presentation was ruined. I grabbed a towel to try to salvage as much as I could, however, the red ink from the pie chart I had created somehow spilled on my boss's shirt, just when his partner angrily slammed the door to the presentation room shut. "I'M SHOT!!!" he collapsed to the floor, clucthing his chest. The clock slowed its ticking. A bird chirped outside, far away. My Boss's head turned towards me, his eyes widening in fear. He was shot. I knew he would die. I opened Angry Birds on m other's phone a began to rehearse the prayer that she said with me every night when I was young. "When the sun is dark and the moon is low the candles blow bawita ba bang da bang banga ba-bang da who-dee doo-dee, bring us this day our daily da-doodie, da-haha-da-ma." When she had finished praying, suddenly a ghost came out from the ground, as it always did. The ghost came out snapping its fingers and bopping around to the rhythmic prayer like a jerking hanky. Entranced, she continued: "Forgive us our skwee-vee-bop-de-diddly-boop-boop as we forgive those who scattily-booda, scattily-booda against us..." She watched as the be-bop ghost pulled a translucent sax from its shroud and played a solo to her prayer. Inspired by the musical apparitions she finished with "... and leads us not into slimshadipitybangdooda, but deliver us into scapetybop pie - the Great Beebop in the Sky!



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“Shoop shoop ba-doop, Shoop ba-doop, Shoop ba-doop ba-doop ba-doop”  ( from me and Salt ‘N’ Pepa)

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It would be cool if once in a while a priest would just scat the Lord’s Prayer,
and the congregation would try to repeat it,
but scat ain’t allowed in church, I s’pose.

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