February 14 TH 2010. Kansas was crowded that night. Many couples were celebrating their love and, of course, we were one of them. But that was then...& this is now. Fast forward: here we are with 3 kids, dead-end jobs, debt up to the ying-yang, and my wife's mother is now living with us. So much for romance. It was time to shake the etch-a-sketch. I had the 3 kids working dead-end jobs. I sold my mother-in-law to pay off our debt. My wife and I are taking a well deserved vacation to Antarctica, where we will spend all of the money the children are earning, before selling their organs on the black market, and becoming millionaires. I will eventually sell my rectum, because, lets be honest, it really isn't that useful. It really is just a load a crap waiting to happen. But all the more power to the children for funding this project. Unfortunately, the money seemed to disappear somewhere between the fundraising event and the eagerly waiting research team. Nobody could work out where the funds had vanished to. "Set the crisis management team on its mission!" cried our team leader. "Assemble & examine the overall financial health of our organization!" Everybody shuffled their feet and lo ooked at the Powerpoint on the screen. "The 'financial health' of the organisation is as dead as a zombie that's been headshot. What more do you need to know?" "You lie!" cried the aforementioned zombie that had take a headshot. "I am as alive as any zombie who doesn't didn't take a headshot." "Indeed," said the VP of ZA. "Nevertheless, the company is in dire Need of liquidising and you're just excess zombie. With that he whipped out a AK47 and shot his zombie pals head into goo. He stands over the corpse, triumphant. The new era awaits



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Life is what happens when you don’t mind your manors. Squatters move in and Lord up the place.

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