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How ironic. She was accused of being the TUMS killer after she was nearly his next victim.

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Do y’all know what lamb fries are? Never heard of ‘em until our family moved to Kentucky for a while… Could never stomach them myself. Yes, I would require TUMS.

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Wikipedia: “Lamb fries are lamb testicles used as food.” So they aren’t really food, just used as food.

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I’ve never heard of lamb fries but they definitely sound like something I would not enjoy or ever try.

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I’ve heard from a lamb friend of mine that she feels the same way towards you Kyerra. I told her ewe would understand. She said I was being baaa. I thought I was being sheepish.

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Wool you pipe down already?! You are full of fluff I think. :)

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Maybe the TUMS killer was actually the lamb castrado. Hm, that sounds like a dish, doesn’t it? “I’ll have the lamb castrado, please. Well-done.”

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