The gamer looked at her, and she expected him to say something romantic, but he said "Wanna play some gta5?" i reluctantly waited before i said no and left his house. then i read fanfiction for the rest of the day. I can't help but join any new fad or new age trend so becoming a monk devoted to fan fiction was a logical step for me to take. I felt a strong desire to travel to the monastry of fandom. Legend told its vast library was filled with illustrated fan fiction manuscripts. According to an obscure fan mag, the Monastary of Fandom was located in southern CA hidden inside an adult book store, as if that would deter us. By triangulating Facebook check-ins and mapping Brony meeting locations in the greater area, we were ready to storm a 'Doc Johnson's Marital Aids and Book Store' on 7th Avenue, where we were sure was a Brony HQ. Sure enough, back behind the 'Enormous Bottoms' periodicals, we found the Bronies ' secret stable where they were engaged in coloring, glitter art, and a high-stakes variation of poker using a special deck. We ID'd Viktor Brony by his Red Sparrow No. 9 cologne his fieldcraft accidentally turned out to be brilliant. He had us fooled in front of our very noses by being exactly where we wanted him when we wanted him. Vikor Brony wasn't even Vikor Brony anymore. During the commotion he had morphed into a tube of Preparation H, hoping to calm his hemorrhoids. Now he was a tube with no butt, and his rrhoids still burned.



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“Enormous Bottoms’ with hemorrhoids?

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