fake watches | rolex replica He saw a part of the internet he shouldn't have seen. He quickly shut the computer off. He promised himself and God he would say nothing about what he saw. A knock came at the back door. Hoping his computer would cool quickly he stole to the side of the door, listening for any sounds, he slowly looked through the peephole. Outside was one of the shortest paths to Paradise he had ever created with his fractosonic algorithms. This one seemed stabler than earlier tries, so he kicked off his shoes and stepped onto the path, trying not trip any of the landmines which had been placed by neo-Papal agents in an intersecting temporal trajectory. With short, deliberate steps he traversed the Paradise path, longing For the beers he had to leave at the door for the resident lions and tigers to offer to their God of the Water. Placiris was a well known beer-gardener, who grew his own vegetables for venereal reasons at the Temple of Venus. Which he visits often. The priestesses there are so adept at their devotional art. Placiris often went in the company of Gribrow & Shuk , his lawyers, to make sure he couldn't be sued. Placiris paid Gribrow & Shuk plenty for this protection, as the Temple of Venus was known for its lawsuits as well as its massage Taco Bell/ Wienerschnitzel Parlors, which caused quite a stir throughout Roma. Even seasoned litigators, like Gibrow & Shuk, were unable to defend such debauchery from the masses. But it was still not as closely-guarded a secret as what I glimpsed by chance: What appeared to be an entirely new CSS for FoldingStory. Was this related to TLS?? Find out next!!



1 Zetawilk's photo

Roma ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

2 Zetawilk's photo

That is easily one of my favorite second folds in a story thus far.

4 Woab's photo

Very odd how MoralEnd’s and Zetawilk’s folds had similar themes, though parted by seven lines.

5 Zetawilk's photo

I’ve seen odder.

Was anyone else able to reset their password to log onto the updated UI? Or has anyone else had an issue relating to TLS 1.0 or 1.1 or what have you when trying to log onto the default URL?

6 Woab's photo

No, I still get the old format. I had heard that they were reconfiguring FS, but haven’t seen the new one, yet.

7 Zetawilk's photo

I found it by searching online for “Folding Story”: dev.foldingstory.com. It says you have to reset your password to login on there, but I never got the e-mail, so I’m assuming it’s not actually ready for the public yet.

8 LordVacuity's photo

I’m in the same boat as Woab. But I think she is near the bow on the other side of the wheelhouse near the third portside scuppers back from the bullnose of the anchor chain. I’m back on the poop deck. I fell from, first, the flight deck, then the the promenade deck. That wasn’t well thought out by, I think, by naval engineers.

I have not heard a peep nor have I seen a hide of this UI or CSS change of which you speak of.

Signed, Sincerely,

Caspar Hauser-Redux of the House of Happenstance.

9 LordVacuity's photo

I should have just said “the bow”.

10 Woab's photo

Take a bow, LV. (Applause)

Ooh, interesting that there is progress on the new FS, Zeta. I hope it will be cool.

11 Woab's photo

Oooh, I just peeked. Looked confusing! But I guess they’re not quite ready for us yet.

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