Dear Diary: Dad's dead, & all I got was his ring. Duncan's dead too - oh, and Gurney too. Mom and I are being chased by giant worms. My eyes are turning blue (cool) but I keep wishing there was some water with all this sand. (I miss surfing.) Some dude called me Muad'Dib or something. Man its hot, diary. Giant worms approaching. This bites. Gotta go. Dear diary - just been declared King of the Worms. Long story but as soon as I convert to Hermaphroditism the coronation goes ahead. I'm in 2 minds about it. It was really a fluke when I met my betrothed in the Congo. Queen Taenia is infected with a sentient tapeworm merged with her conciousness. Now I too carry the worm. It speaks to us in a hypnotic progression of thought bubbles. Queen Taenia and I are united in consciousness by the sentient tapeworms that we both carry. Every waking moment we share our tapeworms' interpretation of our consciousness. My tapeworm used to inhabit Dave Chapelle, so it's got a sense of humor and potty mouth that Queen Taenia's tapeworm doesn't apprec Iate. Their offspring was reportedly even more notorious than my tapeworm. Good King Alexander was alarmed and called an emergency meeting of the fifteen minds controlling humanity including two of those 15 minds that were mine. Good King Alexander was not good, barely a Joe Blow, & didn't look like any Alexander I ever met, boy or girl. His alarms needed cal -cium rich cheese if he had any hope of growing a backbone at all. Nobody listened to the whines and fusses of Good King Alexander any more. He had grown tedious and had to ride in a carriage with drawn curtains, lest his subjects recognize him and throw fish at him. Parliament gained more and more power, and soon the kingdom became a constitutional monarchy.



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It is interesting how the notion of two minds occurs in both the third and eighth lines. Could we have been of one mind, after all? Loved the historic ending, Oiseau!

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I blame the sentient tapeworms, Woab.

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Good thought, lucielucie. Maybe the tapeworms created a wormhole between lines 3 and 8.

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