These are a few of my most-despised words: Pulchritude. Cauliflower. Leprous. Axe. Quantitative-easing. Blister. Virgin. Trebuchet. Maybe. Flatulence. Me. Make a story out of them! The blistered leprous virgin had a pulchritude to her. Maybe me and her? Some quantitative-easing? Nah. I axed the trebuchet rope & she flew. Lord Flatulent Cauliflower smiled. Wow. The virgin still had pulchritude. Me? I've got flatulence, leprous blisters & cauliflower ear. Which made us the perfect pair. Lord Flatulent Cauliflower's quantitative-easing technique mad his breaking-wind completely silent. Lord Flatulent Cauliflower slowly walked down the Virgin Atlantic aisle, smiling because the AC had been off. Soon scores of cauliflower rosettes would burst into the nostrils of the 'Virgin' patrons. Lord Flatulent Cauliflower entered business class to spread his blooms when he noticed Prince Dyspepsic having a fit over the dropsies. Lord Flatulent let rip with so much hoi polloi that it was leaking into his feed. That didn't stop him from overwhelming Prince Dyspepsic with his p H balance knowledge, helping him to landscape outside the McCrack Addict's, one of the many new McDonald's cocaine stores since crack was legalized by President Dummy. The menu has just like any other menu at diners all over the country. Except that everything came with a side of crack cocaine thanks to President Dumpf. Maybe remember that when you vote. "Emmett, take your crack cocaine. Think of all the straight children in China!" scolded Mother, before she realized that Emmett had grown up and left the nest. By then, the diner 's regulars had grown used to his Mother's questionable advice to her absent son, but that evening Anna and John Paxton approached her and offered to take care of her.



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