1 gbgbgbgb's photo

What a twist ending! ;_;

2 Bad.'s photo

Indeed, the ending brought me to tears. Such raw emotion in only 180 characters.

3 Sarimus's photo

Had to resist the obvious, hilarious reading this back

4 Chaz's photo

“SO ANYWAY, a Hippo swallowed me.” - Somebody seems a little distracted. :)

5 Bad.'s photo

Haha, I’m just happy he worked off the opener that I didn’t wanna touch :P

6 Chaz's photo

RE: Hippo, I was talking about the charcter, It’s a great line.

7 SlimWhitman's photo

He lulls you into never were land and then the Hippo just comes out of nowhere . Hilarious.

8 sundancer's photo

This is a truly amazing folding story. Well done everyone!

9 SlimWhitman's photo

The mother of all Hippo stories, and one of my all time favorites.

10 buddyboy4711's photo

Hi all. I just did an undramatic reading of this story. Dunno if the link works, but my cosmic finger-crossing powers should swing the odds:

11 Chaz's photo

buddyboy4711, I was sitting on the bus, and this guy sat right next to me, and began to tell this story… Great rendition!

12 KieferSkunk's photo

I just jumped on the bandwagon - here’s a reading of one my recent favorites. :)  Linked from

13 KieferSkunk's photo

...and just did another one here: :)

14 KieferSkunk's photo

...okay, I promise this is the last one for now: (3)

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