Charles was lost in reverie at this face that she had loved. He seemed to see again something of her in it. It was a marvel to him. He would have liked to have been this man. Charles Nicholet was a Da Vinci expert of the first caliber and made a name studying the mysteries of the Mona Lisa. Now sure that Da Vinci's lover was a hermaphrodite, Michelangel o Antonioni prepared the script for his next New Wave cinema classic, The Inversion of the Senses. "The mustache -- it was real," Charles Nicholet insisted. "Mona Lisa was both." Charles Nicholet put a cigarette into the holder and puffed imperiously. His Next Wave Cinema classic was written backwards and everything fifth page had a recipe for jello-salad that was really a blueprint to conquer the world. Everthing fifth Page parked her car just as the train pulled away. She carried her jello salad, carefully, in a felt cozy covered with plastic to keep the drool off. Page couldn't help it. The thought of her jello salad just made her salivate excessively. The next train wasn't for four hours. Where was she to procure enough jello or a large enough mold to encase the train before it arrived at the station? Wait. A tunnel. Yes! But the jello mix--was there even enough at the Piggly Wiggly of one jello flavour or would he have to resort to a rainbow striped casing for the train. Because of the darkness of the tunnel he couldn't tell if the jello had wobbled its way down to the floor. Leaning forward he stuck out his tongue but to his surprise instead of getting a tongueful of jello, he had licked the balding head of a badger, a jello eating badger to be precise. The badger was not too pleased with this encounter and leapt towards him and sent the jello licking fiend to his grave. The end.



1 SlimWhitman's photo

This story is like a Burma-Shave commercial or a serial cliff hanger,
yet it jelled nicely.

2 LordVacuity's photo

My bad. I really thought that turkeys could fly.

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