I think I'm going to get some wonton soup and an eggroll, then spend the afternoon in with an MSG buzz. I remember when Owsley would cook fried rice for us, usually dressed as one of the Golden Girls - which somehow - made the rice taste better. On the other hand, the MSG had the nasty side effect of making us suffer from sudden, uncontrollable urges to dance on tables to Wham!'s back catalogue. As you can imagine, this was most distressing, so we sought aid from the local yokels. We'd chew sunflower seeds and sip from growlers filled with potato moonshine out on the back porch. Anything to avoid a modern sound system. But when the banjo picking, wash board scrubbing, and fiddling got to be too much, we cocked our shotguns and went banjo hunting Banjo's are hard to hunt in fact in all our years of hunting my Bud's and I have failed to get one. We came close a few times, Last year we even saw one but this year all we found were lyres and mandolins. But banjo's are scarce these days. Mainly, the successful reintroduction of the grey wolves has pushed Banjo's out of their natural territory. Usually liars don't tell where the lyres and mandolins are coming from. Afraid the grey wolves will eat their fingers and then never be able to play the instruments. The banjos come out from the black of night, materializing from the darkness. The grey wolves step back, allowing the banjos to advance closer to the cave. It was there that the wolves grabbed the banjos and put on a show.



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I liked the way this story evolved and found an ending. 
Being new to this site I’m wondering if someone can give me hints on what the editors/judges are looking for when issuing a score.  I’ve attempted a few folding stories but always get a -0- .  Is there a technique that will help me earn some points?  Thanks for the help and hints.    -Mombi

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Hi Mombi. The scores are voted on by the community, so in order to get more than a -0- you just need to write good lines! You can also give other writers a boost by clicking the “Like” button to the right of a fold. Glad you are enjoying the site. Tell your friends!

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Hey Mombi,
There’s really two angles to take as I see it - go for the laugh with something clever or outrageous, or go for a helpful, story-building fold that will help the story move along the direction it’s already heading with a good flow to it.  Of course, the best folds attack both angles, but some folks prefer one general method and will usually click on the like button for good folds that match what they like to do.  A lot of great folds might only get a couple of ‘likes’ depending on who ends up reading the story and how they’re feeling that day.

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Hey Mombi, Try to give a clue as to main points of previous line so story line can continue unbroken. Also hope the next person is just as twisted and disturbed I am.!!!!!

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