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Thats jacked!

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That turned out nice!  I couldn’t remember writing that first line, then I saw it was 4 years ago and under a different account! Time sure flies. I wish I could retrieve my Servant account, but alas, I lost my password and deleted the hotmail account that was associated to it.  Bummer.

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I will now proceed to upvote everyone else except my old self, because that would be childish and dishonorable. I just now had a flash of horror come over me… I thought: “What if I spend all these years, all this time on folding story thinking I’m sharing something special with other people, only to learn, decades later while I’m lying on my death bed, that all these other “folders” were in fact AI bots, and I was the sole human participant in this experiment, tricked into loving the lie?” 
And what if those who reveal this lie to me are my loved ones at my death bed, and as I draw my last breath they will drop their act, and inform me that they knew I was in some kind of Truman show all my life, and finally relieved from that lifelong chore of acting and overjoyed that they succeeded in their plan to make me suffer existential terror in the final moment of my life, they all point their fingers at me and start laughing hysterically while I draw my last breath! 
The voices are not real. The voices are not real. The voices are not real.

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Wow…with ‘‘loved ones’ such as yours, one shudders at the thought of enemies.  In “The End,” the existential terror you suffer will be nugatory…

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