Some things will never go as planned and Andy had to admit that to himself. Justice would never be dealt, she was too clever and unpredictable for them. "There's only one thing Moira could never escape" Andy mumbled to himself. The Pizza Cake God would dish out any final judgement regarding Moira's romantic relationship with Dr. Ziegler. it was sinful. It did not adequately demonstrate the duty to perform the sacred calzone. The Pizza Cake God will soon spite Moira and Mercy. My body sunk deeper into the gorge of spitting, crackling cheese and sauce. But if I could just get this Play... I thought to myself as I struggled to operate my mouse above the fondue. I participate in everything - weenie roasts, making smores, snapping selfies. But partaking in this dairy fermented hot mess was just too much to dip into. "Help me!" I yelled out as I frantically tried to stem the overflowing hot cheesy mess. I looked around for anything or anyone that could be of help to slow this down and saw Pliny the Elder out on a boat in the lagoon of cheese that was forming at the bottom of the holler. "Hey, Pliny the Elder, where did you get that boat", I yelled at him in passable Italian. "I won it offa my brother, Pliny the Middle Child, in a card game," he replied, "It'sa not so good in water, but it floats apretty nice in cheese!" "Say, Pliny the Elder," inquired Mr. Manicotti. “Where’s the beef?” Pliny the Elder, downed a shot of Anisette, slammed the glass on the table, reached into his boot and yanked out a Slim Jim. “Attsa nice !” said Manicotti as he took the offered Slim Jim. I couldn’t resist telling him the location from whence it came put it squarely in toe jam territory. “Attsa how I like ‘em!"



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