If you go to Wanapee , be shur to have a banjo on your knee. If you go to Wanapee, meet my friend McGhee. (Stomp, 2...3...4... Chorus.) IF YOU GO TO WANAPEE! SET YOUR HOUND DOGS FREE! Suddenly, I had to pee. Banjo music did that to me. It was embarrassing because when I was a child, my family once went to a Steve Martin banjo concert & we had front row seats. I embarrassed myself when Steve Martin invited me (just a little kid then, mind you) up on stage to play with him. I was shaking. I had often lied about my banjo skills. I always found some excuse not to play, but now, side by side with Steve Martin, my lies would be exposed in front of everyone. I stare at the faces of the crowd, with expressions that convey judgement, as Steve Martin turns to me and whispers, "King Tut.". With banjo in hand, forehead glistening, the Man in White regales me and the crowd with his story of cruel shoes & Nathan's "special purpose". Unknown to me, outside in the dusty street, an irate Ashkenazi was calling me out. "Beware of the Easter-island-headed one who find Comedy not to be Pretty!" the Ashkenazi told a group of startled onlookers, "for he is the demon's handmaiden!" I was glad that I was a trained journalist, with eagle eyes. How could the Ashkenazi afford such an expensive cane on his modest shaman salary and why had he not mentioned it on taking office? The reason he didn't get elected probably had something to do with his eating in public with an eagle's beak.



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Zetawilk! Your finale is a masterpiece of surrealism.

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It can be very awkward to be eating in public with a bird. Especially when they start feeding their kids.

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