When I woke up today, I realized that my neighbour had been murdered in her living room. I also realized since I was holding a bloody knife & sitting in her recliner, the situation could rapidly become problematic for me. I had no reason to murder her. My neighbour's birthday party had lasted untill 5AM. I was the last guest to leave and the last witness to see her alive. The blood had crusted between my fingers and the handle of the knife. Her note threatening exposure of our affair to my wife was discovered, along with found footage of me attacking her. Yup, Saul's strategy of my hitting on Judge Katy was the best plan. Unfortunately, Saul didn't come up with this "Judge Katy" plan. Nope. He was too busy trying to cheat at Poker Keno in Reno. Fortunately between poker rounds he skimmed the "Judge Katy" plan and discovered tips for winning at blackjack. He cashed in his chips and headed to the bar for a gin. Grateful for being newly single and having regular access to a shower. 'this could really pay off' he watched the dealers at the roulette tables. 'perhaps its my destiny to suckle at the leathery teat of Lady Luck," he thought to himself as he wrung out his underwear in the casino men's room. His hands were chapped from the cheap soap and he desperately wished for a Zanax. With a loud, defeated sigh, he put his wet underwear back on, fashioned himself a suit out of hand towels, and strode out into the casino. Immediately assessing the situation and noticing an opportunity for advancement, MZ, one of the cocktail girls, led him past the baccarat alcove and he sure cooled that table down.



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