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Different translations of the first three folds:

Lotte I like Lotte. he is a fierce dog whip.

Cheerful doggie tailor-made to hide in expensive woman bags. Unfortunately, this is often why they are fatal

jazz error. You see, while jazz it also is extremely dull is the way to it is extreme drug swings,
Lotte Lotte I like. she is spunky dog ​​girl.

Spunky Koeraplika adjusted to maintain in order to disguise themselves as a woman pricey bags. Unfortunately, it is often because of a fatal error jazz.

You see, while it also has an extremely boring to jazz is a way to have an extremely drug swings, So
~ ~ ~
I love Lotte Lotte. She is a spunky koeraplika.

Jazzy koeraplika to maintain the custom to disguise itself baby woman bags. Unfortunately, it is often therefore of a fatal error in the jazz.

You see, while the jazz, it also is extremely boring is the way this is an extreme drug use swings, So
~ ~ ~

My synthesis of these three garbled translations:
Lotte I love Lotte. She is spunky ​​girl dog.

To maintain her disguise that jazzy girl dog carries a fashionable purse. Unfortunately, this is often why there is a fatal error in that jazz.

You see, while she also has extremely boring jazz, it is a way to have extreme drug swings, So

~ ~ ~

If anyone speaks Estonian, I’d be interested to here what their interpretation of the first three folds is.

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I don’t hail from the Baltic, Slim, but seems to me you covered all the bases,

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My take, thanks to Slim’s hard research:
I love Lotte. She is a jazzy bitch.
To maintain this persona, this jazzy bitch carries a Gucci bag, but this is a fatal flaw.
You see, she has lost her flair, due to her frequent drug withdrawals, so…

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I like your take Woab - I’d invest some poodles on those lines.

Anyway, it might be hopeless to get an accurate translation even if we had a native speaker of Estonian. I think I used googletranslate to create my line from english - which I can’t remember - so it was probably garbled in Estonian and maybe MoralEnd did something similar, though who knows: maybe he’s been hiding his Estonian roots from us…

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There’s an old saying: “Traduttore, traditore.”

Slim, thanks for the research.

Woab, your version makes a lot of sense and works well poetically despite the inherent difficulties of translation.

As for MoralEnd, I think he is or was primarily a bomb-tosser. ;-)

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Like the one that killed Archduke Franz Ferdinand?

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No, more of a scrittore.

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