Then it suddenly occurred to me: what if I started a story in the middle? I didn't want to do the obvious and add fold number 5 or 6 of a story. The crux of the matter was to START a story in the middle but did that mean the Middle Kingdom or my navel? I believe the key to starting a story in the middle lies in the pre cognizant network:Tap in, see line 5 as it will be written, then write line 6 on line one. Diabolical perhaps, but what is the point of having precognition if you don't use it for fun. So from now on Pinky will start all FS stories in the middle and end all of them with the beginning. And I don't agree. Drinks were drunk, hands were shaken, but the deal could not be sealed. The outlaw and the sherriff kept their eyes locked as they went their separate ways. With their eyes still locked, the sheriff ate his meatloaf sandwich at the diner while the outlaw had a greasepaintburger at Gloppy's drive in across the street. They chewed Elegantly,and the outlaw exclaimed she was lesbian. The sheriff looked flabergasted as he was in love with her.'Oh my meatloaf but I am in love with you!'He cried out to the waiter And searched his masterpiece, a fillet Mignon, for clues as to who he really was. Little did he know that Set. Manatee and the sea monkeys were at the next table eavesdropping on the saltpeter and the brambles under their table. Det. Manatee had been convinced by somebody into thinking that saltpeter and brambles would offer a clue. They didn't.



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I am sure, though, that was not the first time that Det. Manatee had faced obstruction by one of the Folders.

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But which one? I could be that somebody but I am not.

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