I built a castle in the sand, Blaming the ocean every time it took it away. Not because I thought I was more important. I was more important. They had no right to question my motives. The ocean was just so much water. The sand a castle in its continuance …a year ago, if you had asked, I would’ve called you a blockhead, but, today, I’d call you a genius. “Hey, Genius, you’ve got your shirt on inside out!” I told you I was important. But still you refused to sell me an Apple computer on the grounds that I was being rude. You pointed out that you were wearing your shirt inside out because you had spilled yogurt on it during your lunch break, and that could have happened to anyone, thank you very much. "If you were on your break," I began, "couldn't you have gone to buy a new shirt?" She rolled her eyes. “Don’t be ridiculous. Why should I pay money to fix YOUR mess?” She looked down at her ruined shirt. “Don’t think you won’t be receiving a bill in the mail.” He laughed. "Sure, send the invoice to me poste-restante at the Hotel Pompidou in Paris. I'm sure I'll see it eventually, or not." As he said his goodbyes she kicked him down the stairs. Wow. That guy was an ass. she knew she was better than snobs like hims, however nowadays everyone except people like him were afraid to confront her just because she was a mean lady. She wanted to do whatever she wants. She was probably a spoiled lady or My supervisor. Either way they awaited being rectally rammed by a shotgun. I keep such people and use their innards as confetti at decent peoples weddings. Never wear white.



1 StigMartyr's photo

Swap my “my” for a an “a” and we have a pretty coherent story!

2 Woab's photo

Oh no, I like the “my” very much!

3 Roswindw's photo

What the hell even happened here? 🤣

4 ToastMech's photo

The most bland story possible, that still is able to keep itself interesting, Roswindw (Nice name btw).

5 ToastMech's photo

Also, your part was amazing Roswindw! Keep up the good work here!

6 Roswindw's photo

Thank you!!! And the name is a Doctor Who reference

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