ACN was the first author of this folding story. This first fold had 165 characters with more than 10 words. This story will have 10 folds by the time the story ends. SlimWhitman was the second author of this folding story. He's been with Foldingstory since the early cretaceous.He likes a good pun, running gags & funny folds, unlike this one. Such were the feelings of shadowsheart, the third Folder. Although it seems like he has been here forever, he is a relative newcomer to Foldingstory. Just not as new as some of you may be. That is good. Welcome newcomer. May FoldingStory be as much as you had hoped, Shadowsheart. Firebolt391d wrote this hoping to create a greater sense of community. Flopp writes this to commend Firebolt391d for just being such a rad person and an all round amazing human. And that goes for the next folder too, after all, this is an awesome fold that Flopp put together right there. Flopp is known for great writing and being there for you when the story needs it the most. Much like this next folder who after some tiresome false modesty and further self-mythologization, eventually admits to trying to keep the story going, but not as well as StoryFascist or this next folder, who has no idea where it had been going in the first place, but hopes that it involves vultures, hallucinations, zombies, and a man in pink pants. Let us enter Lester's Disco and see what all the fuss is about. Spinning lights. danceable music. fashionable clothes. I've seen this image before. I'm not impressed. But then the drugs wore off and the music changed and I realized that I had only fallen asleep in the jail cell. It had all been only a dream. Or at least most of it.



1 ta-dah's photo

Gotta love Tom and his vulture-themed hallucinations.

2 SlimWhitman's photo

Tom? Is that the name of our protagonist? He seems to have a lot of voices in his head.

3 Woab's photo

Tom has been kinda man-spreading over several Folding Stories this past week. He is not at all sure that his world is not part of his vulture-themed visions.

4 BlastedHeath's photo

I like the opener.  It has a good beat and it’s easy to dance to.

5 PurpleProf's photo

I wanna go to Lester’s Disco!

6 BlastedHeath's photo

Yeah, me too!

7 ACN's photo

What the-

8 Jimbeau's photo

Who is Lester?

9 LordVacuity's photo

As for how it came to known as Lester’s Disco, I will let somebody else tell that story.

10 LordVacuity's photo

FYI, Lester’s given name is really Shlomo Stutter.

11 Woab's photo

Ah yes, didn’t he have a band called Schlomo and the Quahogs, back in the day?

12 LordVacuity's photo

yeah, I dug up an old cd cover

13 Chaz's photo

Chaz, late to the game, makes a comment of admiration to everybody involved and goes back to petting his cat, drinking coffee and muttering.

14 Woab's photo

All worthy hobbies, Chaz. Hey- we’re over 100 likes on this one. More self-congratulations, all around!

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