Cuando abrió su ultraportátil, la imagen seguía allí, mirándole inquisitivamente desde el fondo de su escritorio, igual que un huésped que no acaba de irse He translated: When he opened his notebook PC, the image was still there, looking inquiringly from the bottom of your desktop, like a guest who just will not go away, no matter how many kitchen utensils you "accidentally" sink into his leg. The image was a constant, blinking away from the monitor. Which is how his wife saw what was going on. He was naked, with his pathetic ass cheeks on an "office" chair with a wireless keyboard and a gigantic erection. "You're not terrorizing kids on chatroulette again, are you?" his wife asked rhetorically. Busted. "L-look-"he stuttered, throwing a jacket over his lap, "I'm just trying to meet people, like you asked me to!" Her face was very disappointed, but she softened when he gave her an apologetic smile. The other woman left the room, embarressed, so he invited his ex-girlfriend to come sit in his lap. He removed the jacket and threw it with panache over a small drink spill, held out his hand at her and winked. She swooned into his arms and the music swelled. As he leaned down, inching ever closer to her large mole, he thought to himself "self, that is a large mole." He instantly began to worry about melanomas and thick black stray mole hairs. However, he overcame and leaned down to peer more closely at his reflection. "I always get lost in mirrors. I really need to sleep." he thought aloud. Then, he popped the zit on his nose and left again for work.



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Extremely interesting turn of events. ;-)

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