Rich took Joey to work today - I got home... and no dog greeted me. Take Your Dog To Work Day was my least favorite day of the fiscal quarter. I knew Joey was adept at finalizing mergers, but walking Joey was my only exercise. He and Rich must be (Richie Rich, that is). had this boring "orange is the new black" robot named Irona. I walked joey, they walked dollar. Being his friend made me so envious. I'd stew all day long And add chicken to the vegetable soup. Richie Rich went one step further, adding barley, chia seeds and kale. "It must be healthy!", he said. I had to agree. This stew was thick! It tasted even better than it looked! Though usually, I wasn't a fan of the green taste, this was just spectacular! "This is great, Richie!" Richie smiled a sad smile & dropped into the chair beside me. "What is it Richie? Are you alright?" Richie looked around and then at me. I guess he recognized me & relaxed & died. Wow. Depth bomb. Of course Richie and I knew each other and we were on good enough terms, but that he came over to sit by me and relaxed before he gave up the ghost really led me to believe that Richie and I could have been more to each other. I guess I'll never know now, though, because he's dead. When I went to his funeral, people came up and hugged me as I cried in front of my now dead friend. We shared so many memories together and I regret not being able to say goodbye one last time. The last time I saw Richie was yesterday when I saw him, I remember it almost like it was yesterday. "Ok Grandma you know I love hearing that story every 5 min but now its time for your meds and some sleep" who are you again?



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