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اچھی کہانی ہے سب لوگ

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Jimbeau and Flopp are my heroes.

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translation, according to Google.

The animals gathered in the jungle against the antique oak tree, based on the owl summoning them all, lining up quietly and regularly, waiting for their presence, which was the most wise and most wise animal of the jungle, she said as she beckoned him into the doorway. He knew he shouldn’t follow her, but he had been so lonely on this tour of duty that his feet moved forward as his mind yelled .. About what is happening and the bear asked the animals to meet in order to search for the owl immediately. The whole of the bat is the one who takes them out, and the owl is pulled from the tree with the help of the fox and the squirrel. The bat and the burring of the bats are right for a second forest The tiger is to bear that the owl will return sooner rather than later while the fox told the animals that the owl will not return and that it will leave the woods Meanwhile, on the other side of the stone wall, Nasruddin was driving a mule through the cemetery. He was bringing sand to put on the grave of his uncles. He loved the beach. Dear Amazon: I am returning your dictation software. Please refund my money. I am returning it because everything I say is transcribed into Arabic. I asked for an Urdu transcriber, but I can understand how you can confuse the two together. Frankly, I am unimpressed by the lack of professionalism, and I will be taking my custom to Ebay instead. Good day.

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Aw, you’re my hero too Woab.

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