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This story is an example of the Erisian Principle.

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Venetian Banana Slugs

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Venetian bananas are named after the Venetian brothers. They developed the banana strain with a mongoose from two mothers and called it a day. Come to find out that name was already taken by a measurement of the bright circle in a vanilla sky. So they named it after themselves, Vincent bananas and Marion bananas. When they found themselves at each other’s throat over the banana preference of the ladies of the town, something had to give. What gave was both their hearts. The plantation and all their properties were inherited by a distant relative. A dowager princess or such that had little concern left to spare them. She dumped them off on as a wedding gift to a grand nephew. A viscount shy a couple of months of his majority and a notorious spendthrift. He was advised he now owned a banana plantation. “What by Jove’s taint is a banana?” It was explained to him about the Venetian brothers and that settled that. Eventually the viscount forgot about it until he was desperate for money to pay off a moneylender. He cabled his factor in Kingstown to “sell the Venetian banana plantations.” The legal process that followed kept quoting him about the Venetian banana. That they were actually Vincent or Marion bananas was never mentioned. Ever after they were known as Venetian bananas.

A Venetian banana slug is a species of slug that lives its whole life cycle symbiotically with the Venetian banana.

At least, that is what I heard in a while in the ground.

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Stupid autocorrect.

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