Pungent cologne intoxicating my lungs, I couldn't breathe. He was Infiltrating my journal with his curiosity. He kept one himself, and never allowed me to see it. I didn't want to see it anyway. He only used black ink, I used all colours of ink. What use was it anyways if you didn't use colors? Life was too vibrant to just use black. I remembered when I was like him, neglecting the world's colors, until that day years ago. I was able to find a paintbrush and colored paint, and began painting into a wall. I physically lost myself in my painting. But the Black Paint Guy climbed into my painting & began doing a crazy little dance, painting black lines all over my work as freaky, dreamlike Samba music played in another room. "You're ruining my painting!" I screamed at him, but he danced his crazy dance and smiled. "No, my peach, I am responding to your painting, just as we clutter and ruin creation with our little works and our crazy thoughts." My thoughts were ruined by his reference to me as "my peach" and also the fact that, dammit, he really couldn't dance. "It takes two to tango, my fuzzy little coconut," smiled & grabbed his unit, as a handle. That got his attention. I brought my body in close to his & led him around to the music. I grabbed a rose from one of the tables & put it in his mouth. A tango ensued between the two of us. Now a tango is usually between lovers, but we are simply friends. "No homo bro," I muttered so that he understood. He took the rose out of his mouth and placed it in my jacket pocket. "No homo," he agreed, voice breathy. Our eyes locked and his thumb traced my lower lip. We kissed, and sparks flew. "Bros being bros," I said.



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I blame it on the pungent cologne. And the bossa nova.

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From painting to bros being bros. What a wild ride this was.

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Bros being bros is not quite gay.  Being gay involves acceptance as well as appreciation.

BTW, although I myself am gay, I imagined a male and female scenario when I wrote my fold.

I don’t really like the words homosexual and heterosexual.  I think they diminish us.  If we are going to mix Greek and Latin roots, why not homoappreciative and heteroappreciative?

Or allo/ipso-appreciative?

Or hetero/homo-kaleidoscopic?

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Don’t worry, music. Not trying to recruit you. Just hoping for a peaceful coexistence which I understand even our straight peeps struggle to accomplish among themselves.

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