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I am a HUGE fan of this ending. Perfect setup, and OldestLiving with the grand slam ending. Nice work folks. Festivus key party?! Bumping donuts!? Love it.

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I’m with you, noah… very strange & funny piece.  Too bad we didn’t have YOU in the fold this time.  Peace… dp

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I think this is a great example of how this site goes really right.  I’m a total addict now.

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I’m with you, NixonBlack. Maybe we WILL have that FoldingStory con in a year or so! ;)

The internet appears to have eaten my last comment, sadly. To repeat - this is my favorite story to date, I love it! Great sharing with you all.

“penguins bumping donuts in a cloister” is my quote of the day…

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You folks rock.  This is so much fun.  As for the “penguins bumping donuts,”  that was at least two vodka crans into a flight over the holidays.  I advise to be very careful when drinking and folding.  ;)

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Or perhaps you’ll strike brilliance!

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Dang people! Taking it up a notch or two.  Good stuff.

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