Lieutenant colonel John Dykeson sat alone as he always did from 15 00 - 16 30. The lamp's yellow light cast a jaundiced pallor over his drawn skin. A fan moved but the air was too humid to do much good. Lt. Col. Dykeson needed this time alone in the jungle wilderness, where he could mentally justify what he'd been forced to do in the backstreets of Bogota. Lt. Col. Dykeson found the jungle pure. It was a green manifestation of the natural order. He could almost feel the shadows, leaves and rain cleanse him of the sins he left in Bogo demogo. But Lt Col Dykeson's Bogodemogian sins wouldn't be left behind. He emerged from his jungle hut to find a pigeon with a message from Vanity: WHERE'S MY BEST WIG? He'd used The wrong one because Ms. Vickie had given her wig back to Hound Dog Taylor in 1971. "Give Me Back My Wig" was an instant classic. Vanity spoke to Dykeson about this breach of the timeline. Dykeson threw the blame higher up, at the Director, Francis Ford Coppola who kept wanting more and more authenticity out of his 1971 set. Vanity knew a dead end when she took a wrong turn to Coppola's office in her Ford Winnebago. Winnebago. Bagels! That's what Vanity had forgotten to pick up for him before their meeting. She pulled a three- wheeled turn (it was a colossal Winnebago after all) and headed for Holy Bagels to get Coppola's breakfast. Vanity felt certain that this would land her a role in his upcoming film “Peggy Sue Got the Godfather,” but Coppola didn’t want Vanity, not even as a walk-on. He did like her bagel-purchasing skills and decided to keep her on-set as a gofer. This pissed off Dracula down at the Cotton Club. Sofia got to hang out with The Rain People over at the Gardens of Stone where she drank an Apocalypse Now and danced the Rumble Fish with Jack.



1 Jimbeau's photo

I screwed up!  Sorry. Vanity got to hang out, not Sofia.

2 LordVacuity's photo

I don’t know how I got the Heart Of Darkness vibe but seems spot on. Good one.

3 LordVacuity's photo

Just shy of 6 and a half years.

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Bogodemogian. Bogodemogian. Bogodemogian. I love this word, Lucielucie.

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“John Dykeson”, where have I heard that name before…

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