Bozo was discharged from his Clowns Without Borders tour of duty with a severe case of Post-Dramatic Humourless Syndrome. It didn't help that he returned to a society where clowns were not only disrespected, but actually despised. "Buzz off, Bozo!" "You can't park your banana car here!" "Clowns not served here" were some of the hurtful messages Bozo heard as he made his way across town. Bozo had heard about clownanoia before but this seemed to be approaching clownocide. Sure enough, Bozo rounded the corner to be greeted by a pitchfork gang. The poked all of his balloons until they went "Ppppffffttt. Bozo stood there holding his limp balloons & started to cry. Then Bozo headbutted the leader of the gang. "BULLY!" The Bozo was President of the United States Theodore Roosevelt. He yelled, "Bully, my good man!" He twisted his mustache. There was something sinister about the hall of presidents and I don't just mean the Minotaur that was guarding the door. The whole Hall of Presidents exuded an eldritch gravitas that stuck to the ribs like meat to bone. Teddy led Bozo to abject ruin. The gambling had left him both broke and broken. Stuck in the Hall of Presidents, the Minotaur breathing down his neck for payback, he looked @ his trusty Mickey watch and figured he had just enough time to make the last race at Roachhill Downs. Hed put it all on Raunchy Boy to win and either the minotaur would get his dough or his pound of flesh In a bizarre twist of fate, the minotaur (having also attended the race) fell in love with Raunchy Boy and chased him around the track, causing him to win! Now I had the cash to Propose with the sky writing plane in glow in the dark sky dust over the moon at midnight. Raunchy Boy accepted. It was tearfully beautiful. The whole audience was invited.



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I am fascinated by Bozo’s persecution by the clownanoiacs. Maybe we need to revisit this.

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:tee heeing: Do you think clownanoia might be a result of clownannoyya?

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You’re onto something there, Pinky.

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