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Just trying to bring back that 60s/70s science fiction flavor. ;-)

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Yes, it’s time for that again. It seems we are going in circles, or orbits. We continue to try, some of us, at least.

3 ValkyrieGrrl's photo

SlimWhitman: Not sure if that was a dig or ?

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The truth in our family is…sadly…that no one ever *did* write down Aunt Valetta’s donut recipe. :( I wish you all had known her. She would have played FoldingStory. Such a wonderful, irreverent woman. I adored her.

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@ValkyrieGirl—I wouldn’t think so.  Also, nice finisher!

6 ValkyrieGrrl's photo

@BlastedHealth - Merci! Also, am I hallucinating or did you get all fancy on us and change your avatar? (It looks like the Scandinavian Tree of Life…? No matter. Cheers!

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RE: my avatar—it has been the same one for a few years.

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