Nortessa and Jang surveyed the poor young Earth through the aumbrous visibulbs of their temposhiff. "Not yet, my dear. They *are* trying. Some of them, many of them anyway," said J ang. Nortessa was such a snob. She pretended not to hear Jang's trite visbulb comments. Nortessa claimed to have vermillion humors inherited from Ciborgian Dynasty 13.99140 But Jang had had heard from a friend of a friend that Nortessa's vermillion humors were souped up crimson hunches lacking in melancholy or tristesse. "Ciborg my *rse," he fumed as Jang shrieked upon spotting Yang in the distance, Yang, his long lost brother, Yang, thought lost to the ruddy ciborg haunches of Nortessa. Yang was very confused by Jang's shriek, not knowing that this man now standing in front of him is his brother. Thanks to the Cyborgs he had lost all his memories from before. Too many of us had no idea what life had been like before Before. Everybody just assumed it had been a lot better than it was now. To have the Cyborgs take advantage of that soft , mushy part of the brain that controlled memory was one of the worst things in our history. Now, everyone who would be old enough to remember, has had that taken away from them. They have no memory of the incident, not do they hold any grudges against those that robbed them of those memories. They are the lucky ones. The rest of us will wonder forever what the memory thieves did with Aunt Valetta's donut recipe (never written down) or the stories we told about when we were kidS, our first kisses, who took our virginities, or the regrets that still haunt us. All gone...floating away forever like the candle's last tendriled whisp. All that remains for me to say? Choose your battles and your foes wisely.



1 BlastedHeath's photo

Just trying to bring back that 60s/70s science fiction flavor. ;-)

2 SlimWhitman's photo

Yes, it’s time for that again. It seems we are going in circles, or orbits. We continue to try, some of us, at least.

3 ValkyrieGrrl's photo

SlimWhitman: Not sure if that was a dig or ?

4 PurpleProf's photo

The truth in our family is…sadly…that no one ever *did* write down Aunt Valetta’s donut recipe. :( I wish you all had known her. She would have played FoldingStory. Such a wonderful, irreverent woman. I adored her.

5 BlastedHeath's photo

@ValkyrieGirl—I wouldn’t think so.  Also, nice finisher!

6 ValkyrieGrrl's photo

@BlastedHealth - Merci! Also, am I hallucinating or did you get all fancy on us and change your avatar? (It looks like the Scandinavian Tree of Life…? No matter. Cheers!

7 BlastedHeath's photo

RE: my avatar—it has been the same one for a few years.

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