He said "It seems impossible that after only three days I have fallen for you and can't imagine my life without you" She said, "I'll have the spring spinach salad and water with a lemon slice. Uh, what did you just say?" He put his order pad down, "Run away with me. Leave this mundane life behind." While I was honored by the Latosian's offer, I knew that I could not for it would be considered an act of treason by New Earth's High Council. "I-I'm sorry Palkion, I just, I just so excited. And I just can't hide it. I'm about to lose control and I think I like it." I pointed at the Latosian's sister. The New Earth's High Council was disgusted with me for making everyone in the room laugh at such a serious time. The Latosian's sister winked at me & silently mouthed, "Later." The New Earth High Council assigned me to infiltrate the New Earth High Council II, which was supposedly improved due to their early adoption of IPv6. Conceptually, IPv6 was nothing more than a variation of HTLV3, the originally Electronically programmed rehabilitation of earth after the departure of the global warmist army. They were blown to smithereens and fled, embarrassed at being exposed. IPv6 was sitting on the dock of the bay one day not long after they were exposed with a new baby. The whole experienced has opened her mind to the possibilities and now with this new one they needed new digs. They located a derelict boathouse on the dock, obviously unused, and moved in. It was a breeze to wash the baby simply by dipping him off the side of the boat just at dawn, when the albino squigglers would lick him with their tickly tongues. Houseboat baby liked it, but giggling underwater made him grow gills and fins. The foot his Mom h



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ad prepared for dinner went uneaten because she jumped into the water to catch her baby but not having his gills and fins she drowned.

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Inattentive, me!  Thanks for finishing that one, Futique.

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