Every Thursday morning, Mrs Frobisher had an appointment at 10.30. She tried to be punctual. Mrs Frobisher detested people who did not pay proper attention to time. So rude. So...every Thursday Mrs. Frobisher was up by 4, showered and shaved (her upper lip), ate Spam on crackers and was off to her 10 AM appointment across the street at Mr. Finks house As usual, Mrs. Frobisher arrived early. Mr. Finks' watch read 9:15 AM as he sluggishly opened the door. "Good morning, Rosalyn," he muttered, "Make yourself comfortable. I'll be the primary on this job which means if you are not in on this, then this is the last chance to find the door before it finds you." No one left. He had them. "You all know Wombat, " "Hello, Wombat," they all replied with indifference. He continued, "He will be point on opening the markets in Australia. Questions?" "Yea, since when did marsupials wear ballet shoes?" "What are you talking about?" said Wombat. "You said that the marsupial would be en point." "No, I said he will be point on," said Wombat. They glared at his fabulous wombat mustache and declared the marsupial ballet a fraud just like that fuzzy caterpillar crawling across his face. Reaching for the furry patch they gave it a hard t Ime because it had to eat. So it ate the turtle or tried to. Mr. Turtle in turn ate Mr. Wombat. In the end the referee declared a draw. The mustache laughed put loud and rammed his pipe into his ear and blew smoke ring into the air while singing hey diddle diddle the cat splits the middle and the cow faints in the stream. He dreams up a wink a stink and a twinkle. The dairy's a lie. The mind is a sky. And everyone's crazytoons but we try to get by. And even so, hey nonny no, that Hubble so, and welcome to the parliament.



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The Right Honorable SOB has it right, center right, welcome to Parliament.

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What was that you said about my mother?

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She is a Beauty.

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Sorry that I bristled up—it’s one of my problems.  And, good save! ;-)

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