HAHAHAHAHAHAH CHEESE TURTLES IN PARADISE was the official tourism song of the Galapagos Islands. "Is all the 'HA'-ing necessary?" "Yes, the Galapagos have a reputation for lacking humor. But now cheese turtles are mating with puffer fish. They're offspring are called "Cheese Puffs." These cheese puffs attract huge masses of tourists to the Galapagos. This meant terrible things. The formerly reclusive archipelago now bustled with "Cheese Puffs" fanatics. Alan Alda wept. Galapagos had fallen. Sightseers hunted the novel species for book clubs, football game collectables, cardboard vouchers, bendy straws and omnipresent cheesy residue. There was nothing that Alan Alda could do. "Cheese Puffs" had taken over the Galapagos by force. In despair at what had happened to his beloved Galapagos Islands, Alan Alda got on his camouflaged ePhone & called Adam Rib's in Chicago to inform them of the situation on his end. "Look, we're in danger of wiping out every endangered species on the Galapagos," Alan honked into the phone. "Hey, people gotta eat," shrugged Adam. It was clear that fried booby bird feet were a delicacy whether they were blue or not. Perhaps mixing in food colouring until the meat looked like barf would preserve the plight of the extinction of the birds but still. People are very curious sure it killed the cat but eating random things had help us discover new things. Maybe these birds are better of dead than alive. Fame eludes them, except in cartoons. After all, who are Daffy Duck, Foghorn Leghorn, and Tweety anyway? If they disappear tomorrow nobody would notice. Birds, my ass!



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6 years later.

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