Orindilla screeched into her Well of Wailing. "Number 9! I knew it. That's why my horoscopes have been inaccurate". A ninth planet beyond the Kuiper belt could only mean one thing: "I will travel and meet a tall dark stranger!" Orindilla whispered & squeezed herself with glee. Now all she had to do was name the planet as part of NASA's Wiccan Outreach Program , in other words, the number of the star, then two random letters, "I'll call it 1134ot06," without hesitation Orindilla jumped into a shuttle to meet the tall dark stranger named Odonimous for drinks at the Ultra Space Bar and Liquors in the Horse Head Nebula. Orindilla had known about his crush on her ever since they met in a crowded black hole. It seemed that Odonimous & Orindilla were destined to be star-crossed lovers, because just as they were getting cozy, Janus (Odonimous' girlfriend from the last light year) showed a sudden and inexplicable skill with the use of firearms. Janus pointed a glock at Orindilla and said, "Love me, thou Odonimous, or I deposit a round in the skull of thy lover!" "Huh?" said Orindilla "Around a skillet I hover...whats that sposeda mean?" Finally noticing the gun she let out a loud eeek and turned to run but, too late the crazy man fired. Orindilla screamed in pain the bullet grazed her shoulder. She lept for the window. Making a break for the neighbors, she threw a garden flamingo At the harridon who was inciting riots among the golden horde. Heavy horses watched one brown mouse accidentally push the kill switch, ending the long and sordid career of the switch away from me.



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