If I work hard this year, I will pass my exams. If I pass my exams... And there it was. Now I could see the bars of the cage that was The Rat Race. It would not matter if I got the cheese or how big the cheese was or that I had more cheese than the n next rat. It only mattered if I found a a way out of the maze and not just to the finish line. No I was going over the wall even if I had to use dead Fred's tiny rat body to do it. "Sorry, old man," I said to Fred's cadaver as I stepped on it's bloated torso and stretched my mouse body up to peek over the wall. Nothing but labyrinth as far as I could see. Unfortunately at the moment, Fred decided it was time to say his final words in the form of the loudest belch heard these last 25 years. The mouse gave a look as if to say "Your belch is as stinky as a rotten cheese" The rotten egg taunted at the cheese wheel. “Well, at least my cousin wasn’t cracked and lost to the King’s men!” Brie, the cheese wheel shouted. Just then the King's very last man, Willowby, came crashing through the barn door and kicked Brie, the cheese wheel, into a story where she would have to stand alone forever more. On hand to observe the occasion was Larry Lightfoot, formerly chief of the Kingsguard but now a vagabond with only a rusty dagger to his name. No stranger to court intrigue, Larry more often than not WAS the intrigue, & many a cuckolded nobleman could woefully testify to his lightfootedness... Nay, the dagger with rust on it was not the one betwixt his legs.



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