When the mists cleared Captain Jack sparrow saw the other boat. It was a coast guard ship. No doubt there were snipers on board. He should never have joined up with Ethiopian Captain Jack turned sharply, and out of the corner of his eye, he saw Ethiopian smirk. Captain Jack tensed. This had been Ethiopian's plan all along. Jack would lose this ship too. Yes...the Sloop John B would soon be Ethiopian's to convert into a floating taco bar...which was his dream. And what could Captain Jack do about it? He didn't like Mexican, but.. He decided to go with it and see what Ethiopian made it into. Ethiopian began working on the project of making a layout of how the taco bar would look. He decided to hire a team to make Ethiopian Chicken Tacos (aka Doro Wot Tacos), trying to find new ways to make the cuisine hipper and more approachable in order to “put it on the American dinner table.” Taste was going digital and they needed to figure out a way to deliver their dishes through the internet and eventually the vapor. If some contractor on Moon Base Alpha wanted kung pao f -rijoles, he was just out of luck until they got the bugs out of the interplanetary food delivery system. But the only store on Moon Base Alpha was a 7-11, and the beef jerky there was 30 years old. He needed a change from keto algae slushies and bio-printed bacon chips. So he decided to cash in his asteroid futures and open his own bistro on Moon Base Alpha Mall in LA. Much as he did in his teens, he was now warming up to businesses that fill his wallet with steady income as much as they fill his belly with delicious, healthy foods. "I have self-actualized!" he realized, satisfaction coursing through his body like blood. "Not bad for a homeless, cross-eyed, HIV-positive kid from Omaha."



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He got laid off from the Omaha Lovedoll Company.

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