Младен је излетио из куће бесан. Са собом је пнео само најнужније решен да се више никада неће вратити. "How can you do this to me?!" I asked as she ate the last cream cake. She opened her mouth to speak, but all that came out was her forked tongue. Before my very eyes, she'd turned into a Komodo dragon. Served her right for eating my cake. I opened the door & she left. I really need better friends. I called someone at random and asked, in my most polite voice, if he would like to be my friend. To my eternal surprise, he said, "Yes if you will oil my back with this erotic coconut oil in all my most hairy places." I thought it over. He wasn't exactly a wolf boy. "Ok, as long as we can be friends." "I think that could be nice," he said, sitting next to me. He seemed lonely, like he'd never really had a friend before. "I could still oil you with the coconut oil though if you want." I had never oiled anyone before. Was it like oiling a car? I guess I would find out. "Okaaaaaay," he sighed. Alright, I thought, time to break out the big guns. I grabbed a water pistol and filled it up with oil. "Alright mister," I quivered, "don't make me shoot you now!" He smiled and raised his arms. "Really? With what? Massage oil? HA!" he laughed. "HA HA that tickles, please stop! HA HA HA!" After lubricating with the massage oil gun, the robber stimulated the Tellers pressure points until he was a gibbering wreck. Realizing his potential as a masseur, the robber aborted his job and left. The teller was ultimately inducted into the Muppets hall of fame as the greatest Beaker voice-over EVER.



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Goes down smooth then what? He didn’t want a friend he wanted a wallet.

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