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Serious question…my students and I were only yesterday discussing. Is the word “transvestite” offensive these days? Or is it still OK? I lose track. Whatever you say is what I’m gonna tell my students, so…

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No word is offensive itself. One can give offense or one can take offense and sometimes they offend themselves as a shared experience.  Either way, there has to be an intent to be offended. Taking or giving offense is a choice.

If I mock your godling, you pretend to take offense on her behalf. What dent of veneration did you expect your folly to obtain you against the ennui of a bored godling alone on the wrong side of the tracks after Labor Day and wearing white surrender.

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Uh, I forgot the question mark.

I looked up wondering ?.

Yep, ? was the answer.

Will that now make raise a question about my mark?

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I will tell them what you said, LV. :)

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I think you would have to ask a cross-section of cross-dressers how they feel about the label “transvestite”.  It seems a little archaic to me.

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You might want to ask a crossbow what it thinks about the front of a boat. Or what etiquette requires he do when meeting a queen. Ask a dog who’s dyslexic but still speaks normal Dog.

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I will now, take a bow.

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bow wow wow yippee yay yippee yay.

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bow wow wow yippee yay!

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No offense was intended. I think how you work with words, characters and situations often communicates intent. I’m not down for keeping lists of bad words, but see no need for slurs & nastyness towards others here or elsewhere. I love many different characters, and I think that’s one of the powers of writing, to show them respect and dignity and a right to be heard, but mainly I’m here for fun and laughter together.

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When I first heard about the transvestite from Nantucket
I wondered if his story was going to involve a bucket
I had not needed to worry
it was answered in a hurry
the beating of a dead horse done gone and took it.

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yeah, I will be here all weekend. Try the chicken.

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Friends for far and wide, limericks, and yes, the laughter….healing laughter….

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please excuse my broken measures

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I had not deemed them one of my pleasures

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@Slim:  Scansion lives in vain ;-)

@PurpleProf:  Sorry to be pedantic, but traditionally, a transvestite is only a cross-dresser, without gender reassignment surgery.  But maybe in the future transvestite will come to mean body-changer depending on our tech and spiritual orientation.

I think I generally agree with LV—words have power when they do and when we let them, but not inherently, without a context or specific ambience or moment—there’s a social contract or a mix of them involved in the effect of these soundforms and their written forms—the intention to give offfense—the choice to take offense—or the psychic defenselessness that allows them to wound.  Language can be dangerous, and can be a form of combat or slow murder (as can looks and silences and demonstrations of attitude), but not always, of course.

But never mind all that—how did your students react to LV’s explanation, especially the second paragraph? ;-)

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I wish I knew what I said.

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