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Nice touch.

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I know. PurpleProf just cracks me up!

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Well, thanks, y’all! Wilfred Brimley IS the face of diabeetus.

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That, and a shape-shifting alien trying to escape Antarctica…. I think they are connected somehow

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I still think this one is hilarious and deserves more likes.

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Jayursus’ first line cracks me up, and it just keeps going from there.

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My fold directly comes from those Quaker Oats commercials of the 80s with Wilfred Brimley in them.  I always thought he had some sort of simmering rage building up over the kids not eating enough oatmeal.  PurpleProf caught that perfectly.  Hilariously, I had never seen the “Diabeetus” ads he was famous for until recently.  I would pay good money for some sort of mashup between the Quaker Oats commercials, Blaire from “The Thing” and his “diabeetus” ads.

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