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Yeay! m80 is back!

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Einstien work on general relativity and special relativity get all the fanfare but his work in erotic relativity is usually glossed over for obvious reasons.

Say what you will but Albert had the best gams of any prominent theoretical physicists in recent history. Better than Marie Curie’s for sure.

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Of course by that time, Marie already had radiation sickness. I’m sure before that she would have given Albert a run for his money. One would presume she already had a head start by being a woman.

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She could still give him a run for his money by giving him a run in his stocking. (Having consulted with Lucille Ball.)

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It’s nice to see m80 in the fold again!
This story reminds me of a very old one which I participated in more or less right after I joined FS.
It got the nod from the foldingstory newsletter back in the early days when there was such a thing:

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