It was the day the lights switched off, no

  • It was the day the lights switched off, no more electricity, no more cars, no more internet. For good. Some say it was the beginning of a new age. Others say it was just a really

  • long blackout, but reality it was the second dark age. A massive solar flare had fried electronics wholesale: the power grid, the factories, communication, transportation. Survival

  • of the fittest wasn't just some nerd's theory played out in the jungle any more. It was kill or be killed, from L.A. to Tokyo and back. About 2/3 died within the first 6 months.

  • 2/3 of each soul. The 1/3-souled traversers doggy-paddled their way back from Tokyo to L.A. "Whatever will these weak-souled fit people do in L.A.?" The finish line was at a strip

  • of tacks that the police use to pop car tires. This made the finish of the race awesome because

  • when the cars whizzed past the police sprang the Stinger trap. A risky job for the cops as a car ploughed into the cop setting off the trap. The work safety representatives were

  • vacationing in Turkey, so the inquiry would be delayed. Meanwhile, Sting lay in traction in a hospital in Paris. Brain damage was certain. He continuously asked, "Was it a Tesla?"

  • It was so sad what happened to Sting.The doctor came in to examine Sting & looking into his tortured eyes, stated gravely, "He is the King of Pain." Sting kept repeating, "Tesla...

  • " Sting's eyes were dilated. "He saw little black spots on the sun today," continued the doctor. "It was the same old thing as yesterday." Sting's eyes fluttered open & brightened.

  • He suddenly sat bolt upright and exclaimed, "I have seen things mankind has only ever dreamed of. I have seen beyond the veil, into the very mind of god!" With that he expired.



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