Den ganzen Tag nach interessanten Artikeln

  • Den ganzen Tag nach interessanten Artikeln zum Thema Lernen, Usability, Social Software gesucht ... zirka 10 mal geärgert, weil genau jene Artikel nicht verfügbar sind und nun

  • was all his Swedish therapist said in return. Six months of silent psychoanalytic therapy had driven him to demand an answer, and this unintelligible gobbledygook is what he got.

  • It's no wonder the Vikings sailed the world. It beat staying home, silent, cold, eating fucking rotten fish. There were no answers in therapy. His journey would

  • eventually lead him to an old abandoned house on the corner of Fifth & State. He wasn't quite sure why he ended up at this particular place, but figured it had something to do with

  • his long-term loss of short-term memory. He knocked warily on the peeling paint of the door and it eerily creaked open. *deep breath* Stepping inside, he immediately noticed

  • that all of furniture had been rearranged. In the back of his mind, he thought "amnesiac interior decoration." He knew he did it because "Remember" was stitched on a throw pillow.

  • with the same thread he now held in his hand. And by "held in his hand" I mean stuck threw his hand with a knitting needle. It became too much for the dancers who had THE PLAGUE

  • and they sang "ashes ashes" and all fell down. In their delirium they thought it was a knitting needle when in fact it was a syringe full of quinolone. He raised his beak visor &

  • began to wrap his vintage brown leather belt around his arm until suddenly a loud crashing sound was heard off in the distance. Only then did he proceed to violently

  • snap his suspenders against his burly chest making his chafed nipples bleed. Babe de ox burst through a copse of trees, stopped and dropped the chapstick saying, "Sorry I am late."



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